Ice Manufacturing Business Plan

R1,950.00 R650.00

Make a living by supplying ice to households, community events, weddings, and street parties. Use our business plan template to start an ice manufacturing, packing, and distribution business.


Is ice manufacturing for me?

There are quite a number of places in South Africa, that people have all but forgotten about, or because there is such a huge demand for housing in the cities and suburbs, you may suddenly find settlements popping up on a piece of vacant land.

All these people are looking for are opportunities to a better life. Their needs may just be your ticket to a lucrative and buzzing business.

You may have been in the customer service industry, and you know for a fact that warm beer, or nonrefrigerated soft drink, tastes bad.

You have observed your neighbors and community members and observed that they are in serious need of ice for their households, community events, weddings, and street parties.

You are willing to put in a lot of effort in the first 3 years, to acquire up to 4 ice machines, being able to supply up to 1,5 tonnes of ice a day.

You furthermore, do not mind the responsibility for the company finances and admin, look forward to working with and managing staff and suppliers. Consider becoming the proud owner of an ice manufacturing, packing, and distribution business.


  • Funds needed to start: R 150 000.00
  • Number of Business Owners: 1-2
  • Potential Owner Salary in Year 1: R 100 000.00 each
  • Number of Staff: 1
  • Number of Pages: 47 Page Document.

What is included in the business plan?

  • Confidentiality Agreement;
  • Executive Summary;
  • Opportunity, Industry & Market;
  • Company Description;
  • Products & Services;
  • Team – Management Team & Organisation;
  • Marketing Strategy;
  • Suppliers;
  • Operational Plan;
  • Financial Plan with 5-year Forecast & Projections.

What do our plans look like?

We have created an extract of an example business plan so you can see what you would be buying.

Click the link below to download the example.