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Our email address is mail@ is a publisher of sample/template business plans and other documents, in Word format. We are not a law firm and we do not provide legal advice.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Each of the documents available for download on our website is licensed to you on the basis that you obtain appropriate legal advice before using it and that you adapt it in order to meet your particular requirements (of which we do not, of course, have any knowledge).

  2. For the above reasons, we wish to emphasize that no document is sold or licensed once off, on the basis that it is fit for any particular purpose or that its terms are legally valid and enforceable in any particular jurisdiction, and all liability in respect of these matters, including liability for economic loss or for any indirect or consequential loss, and whether in contract or tort, is excluded, to the extent permitted by South African law.

  3. Copyright in all documents published by Business Plan Now belongs to Business Plan Now. When you download a document from our website (or receive it from us by email or some other method) you have a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use it for your own personal or business purposes including making copies and modifying our document for the purposes of your business.

  4. You are not permitted to:

    • Sell, lease, sub-license, loan, distribute transfer or otherwise deal in any of the documents supplied by us, or

    • Publish any of the documents or any extracts from them on the internet, on any website or in any document which is generally available to the public (except when using the document in your business or with the prior written consent of a partner of Business Plan Now ), or

    • Use any of our documents for any purpose that in our opinion conflicts with the interests of Business Plan Now.

  5. We may, at discretion of the directors/partners of Business Plan Now, accept an order for a template to be produced for you, or for a template to be adapted, the work will be carried out in accordance with the instructions received from you in writing, and in a format acceptable to Business Plan Now. Regarding work performed, our liability to you will the same as set out in points 1 & 2 above.

  6. If you want to use any document supplied by us on more than 15 occasions or for any unusual purpose, e.g. in a training programme or as a precedent for third parties, you should first obtain our written consent by writing to mail@ In some instances and at the sole discretion of the partners/directors of Business Plan Now, a special usage fee may be payable.

  7. Delivery and refunds policy

    • The document/s purchased and received by you is in Word format, and you should ensure that it can be accessed, read and changed in Word format.

    • Once the payment for a document is confirmed by our payment solution (Pay Gate Pty Ltd) the document/ product purchased by you, must be downloaded by you, onto your own, storage device, phone, computer, tablet, laptop computer or any other electronic media storage device  Delivery is confirmed by way of the unique document identification number generated by our electronic system. The purchase price of each product is all-inclusive and no additional charges will be levied for delivery.

    • In the unlikely event of non-delivery of the document purchased, you will be refunded any amount paid by you within 30 days from the date your payment was received. Business Plan Now cannot accept responsibility for incorrect email details supplied, and hence refunds cannot be provided in such instances. We will, however, resend the document purchased, to another, verified email address, within 72 hours after we have been notified of and verified the alternative email address provided. If the template delivered to you contains any errors caused by our website, we may request to rectify the problem immediately or refund you your money in full within 30 days of the date of purchase. Requests for refunds should be made by sending email to and must include details of your concern. Such requests should be made within 72 hours of purchase.

  8. You may use the business plan more than once, in order to promote financial support for your business or acquire financial investments for your business.

  9. Should you wish to use the business plan template in conference/education/training purposes, you must obtain the prior consent of Business Plan Now .and a charge may be payable in respect of such permission.

  10. You may not copy or distribute by any means whatsoever a business plan template except one prepared for and, if relevant, executed by the parties to a specific financing assessment or support for the business contained in the business plan document, may be copied and distributed (including distribution by email) to third parties so far as such copying is necessary for the purpose of acquiring support and finance for the business as contained in the business plan document.

  11. You may not remove, change or obscure any product identification or notices of proprietary rights and restrictions.

  12. You may not remove, change or obscure the contact identifiers on a contract.

  13. Warranties and Liability:

    • Business Plan Now and or its partners /directors make no warranties, conditions or representations, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, and without limitation, the implied terms of the merchantability and fitness of the business plan and other documents for a particular purpose are excluded.

    • It is your responsibility to ensure that a business plan is suitable for your needs and the entire risk as to the results of the use of the business plan is assumed by you.

    • In no event and notwithstanding our best care and diligence, will Business Plan Now and or its partners /directors be liable for any direct, consequential, or special damages or loss of any kind arising from the use of a contract however caused and whether arising under contract, wrongdoing, including negligence, or otherwise.

    • If any exclusion, disclaimer or other provision contained in these terms is held invalid for any reason and Business Plan Now and or its partners /directors becomes liable for loss or damage that could otherwise be limited, such liability, whether in contract, negligence or otherwise, will not exceed the amount actually paid by you for a document.

    • Business Plan Now and or its partners /directors do not or attempt to exclude the statutory rights of a consumer in “consumer transactions” under any applicable statute.

  14. Payment options accepted

    • Payment may be made via Visa, and MasterCard, credit or debit cards or by bank transfer into the Business Plan Now’s bank account, which can be provided once requested from us.

  15. Credit card acquiring and security

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  16. Customer details separate from card details

    • Customer details will be stored by the Business Plan Now, separately from card details which are entered by the client on Pay Gate’s secure site. For more detail on PayGate refer to

  17. Merchant Outlet country and transaction currency

    • The merchant outlet country at the time of presenting payment options to the cardholder is South Africa. Transaction Currency is South African Rand (ZAR)

  18. General terms

    • The use of this website, these terms, and conditions and the agreement arising, therefore (“this agreement”) shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with South African law. Regardless of the location, you access this website from, you herewith agree to comply with all applicable laws of the Republic of South Africa (including those regarding the export of data) and with all other laws, rules, and regulations that may be applicable to the use of this website.

  19. Trademark
    • Microsoft Word is a registered trademark of Microsoft.