Converted Container Rental Business Plan

R1,950.00 R650.00

Use our Converted Shipping Container Rental Business Plan Template to start a business renting out shipping containers that have been converted into offices, shops, classrooms, workshops, and even ablution facilities.


Is a Converted Shipping Container Rental Business for me?

With the influx of people to townships and informal settlements, the demand has increased, for more commercial spaces for the many businesses operating in these areas.

With the high costs of building materials, and greedy landlords who do not care about the rental rates they charge, the alternative supply of commercial rental space has gained traction in the market.

There are different options with regard to the conversion of used shipping containers into offices, shops, classrooms, workshops, and even ablution facilities. If you are willing to work for 3 years or longer to build a substantial portfolio of container buildings, and you are willing to sacrifice over the short term, while building your business, you can possibly own more than 50 containers after 5 years.

Do you have intimate knowledge of your township suburb and the needs for commercial space? You furthermore have an understanding of basic accounting, administration, working with and managing staff and suppliers, and can be tough when collecting rent from your customers. You may just consider becoming the next successful landlord, of a number of containers converted for business.


  • Funds needed to start: R 600 000.00
  • Number of Business Owners: 1-2
  • Potential Owner Salary in Year 1:  R 90 000.00 each  Year 5: 600 000.00 each
  • Number of Staff in Year 1: 0   Year 5: 18
  • Number of Pages in Document: 48

What is included in the business plan?

  • Confidentiality Agreement;
  • Executive Summary;
  • Opportunity, Industry & Market;
  • Company Description;
  • Products & Services;
  • Team – Management Team & Organisation;
  • Marketing Strategy;
  • Suppliers;
  • Operational Plan;
  • Financial Plan with 5-year Forecast & Projections.

What do our plans look like?

We have created an extract of an example business plan so you can see what you would be buying.

Click the link below to download the example.