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Tip on how to Efficiently Increase your Social Media Presence

It’s obvious that social media isn’t going anywhere soon. That’s why it’s vital as a business but also as a regular person to interact with others across the globe. The opportunities that exist on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are big. It’s where you potentially meet your new customers, employers, and friends. In this article, I will show you tips and tricks to totally boost your social media game.


The single most important thing that I can recommend is to engage, engage, engage. People love getting recognition for the content they provide and the intimacy that they share with so many. By actively rewarding others with likes, follows and comments you’ll quickly create yourself an audience. They will in return most definitely check out what you have to offer. This is one of the great powers of social media.


The most crucial step in anyone’s game is to post regularly. This will let everyone know that you’re approachable and not afraid to put yourself out there. Most of you are probably already thinking “but I don’t have anything special to share”, that’s what makes social media fun because it’s not about what you share but that you DO share. Once you get into that kind of thinking you’ll be more open about posting regularly.

Direct Messaging

If you’re ever in a situation where you are in need of a favor or you have found someone, where you both can profit from simple interaction, do not hesitate to message them directly. All of the platforms mentioned at the beginning of this article supports this feature. Nobody has ever rejected flattery and I can assure you that nobody on social media will either.


While posting will engage with people that are already following your content, hashtags will make sure that you interact with people that haven’t discovered you yet. Think of hashtags like fishing, cast a bigger net and the potential of catching fish is increased. Do your research on what hashtags fit your audience but also what hashtags are popular at the moment.