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How To Build Quality Links For South African Websites

Much has been said in the last couple of months because of updates Google made to its search algorithm to hit on low-quality websites or websites with unnatural link building profiles.

Google’s latest update, made its impact on South African websites and many high ranking websites “lost” their good rankings in the search engine. Many so-called SEO specialists in South Africa now need to explain to their clients why they are not getting the pre-qualified traffic and leads they used to get. The biggest problem is that in order to impress a company with your service is to get results quickly.

Anyone who can browse Google can download shoddy link building software and tools and use them to quickly build links and get instant results. However, be warned, your “good search engine listings” will not last forever. Google does not miss a lot and will eventually your website will get punished.

Rather invest in a long term strategy and you will see awesome results!

That is obviously not why you are reading this article and you want to find out how you can build quality links for your South African website.

It Is About Building Your Brand

Google is placing a lot of emphasis on branding and as you know company branding is a lot about customer experience. In other words, do you satisfy your client’s needs by giving them what they want? Just ask yourself this question, would you rather trust a thin little website or a website that gives you the quality information you need and more.

Good, Better, Quality Content

Content remains king and now you need to crowns. I know, many small en medium business owners do not always have the time to create valuable content. Rather consider to outsource it to someone who can create quality content than not building your brand with product reviews, case studies, company or industry news. Remember that you must be seen as an expert and this is an amazing way to tell someone who does not know you in person that your company is the right company to solve their problems or satisfy their needs.

On-page SEO Is More Vital Than Before

Don’t be afraid to over optimize your pages. This won’t happen when you keep your on-page SEO simple and effective. Focus on accurate tags and titles and make sure that your page load speed is as fast as possible. Also, make sure that you have your anchor text optimized internal linking.

Focus On Building More Effective Links

It has been proven in recent times that quality links. Simply, would you trust a rugby player who has never been to a ballet to talk about Swan Lake? The same applies to link building. More value is placed on links that come from relevant websites. Start by building links from industry directories and news sites and get industry player to talk about your brand.

Social Media And More Social Media

Make your content social. There is nothing wrong by sharing your content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and Pinterest. Google, but you should also encourage other people to share your content with their friends and followers. Incorporate share buttons on your site is one way of asking people to share your content. Be creative and vary your content with articles, infographics, and videos for people to share. Again the emphasis is on quality – if your content adds value, people will share it!