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How influencers can help you market your brand

Influencers set trends, they help make the world go round, at least that’s the way it is in the marketing realm.

As a brand, it’s important to spread the word about your business any way you can.

The problem with most companies is they waste too much time, effort and money on methods that simply don’t yield results. With that said, you can quickly build your online reputation when you add influencer outreach into your management strategy.

Reaching out to influencers relevant to your industry and audience isn’t always simple. So here is a quick guide for those who are just learning of this new concept.

What exactly is an influencer ?

The clue is in the name: essentially they are individuals who have the ability to influence the opinions or buying decisions of your target audience, largely thanks to their social media following.

It doesn’t matter how many social media followers you have, if you’re not able to influence them, then you’re not going to get very far with them. With that said, it doesn’t make much sense to reach out to social media account holders who have a large following and little to no influence. They can give you exposure, but you can’t guarantee their followers will take the bait.

Does your brand really need influencers ?

You have to start thinking like a consumer if you want to attract them. Consumers use the web to find information about products and services before making a purchase. Social media and search engines are the primary sources for such data – and whose content and profiles do you think to show up on top? Those with authority and credibility – in other words, influencers.

If you can get these individuals and brands to talk about your company, then your brand mentions will be at the top of these searches, which means more visibility for your business. Influencers have loyal audiences, who are willing to check out the bands they promote.

Think about your target audience

Now that you see the value influencers can add to your online reputation management, you need to find influencers who cater to your particular market. But you don’t want to reach out to just any influencer – they must have an audience that resonates with your brand products and services. You can work with online reputation management services in Los Angeles that can help with your influencer outreach endeavors.

Where to look for influencers

1. Social media monitoring: Use keywords and hashtags in the search box to find mentions of certain products or services related to your industry.

2. Set up Google alerts: Do the same thing on search engines to find out who’s talking about topics related to your brand.

3. Blogger outreach: Once you find blogs that are related to your industry, reach out to them to write guest posts.