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4 Ways to Successfully Bond with Your Employees.

Employers should know that creating a healthy and engaged workforce requires a little more effort than just providing some freebies. Many will appreciate these perks, don’t get me wrong, but that won’t be enough to motivate them. You need to find better ways to establish a better employee-employer relationship.

One of the most important things that makes an employee love their job largely depends on having a good  relationship with their employer. This positively impacts productivity and focus, and at the same time, it also lowers stress levels. So, if you want to make your team as productive as they can be, here is what you need to do to establish a good relationship with your employees.

Support and Guidance

Someone cannot be a leader without knowing how to provide guidance. So, to build a stronger bond with your employees, you have to provide them with all the necessary support that they need to achieve their goals. You, as an employer, need to have a clear idea of what those goals are.

A study has shown that only a small percentage of employees agree that their employer is the one who sets their work and performance goals. Give your employees all the help they will need by arranging meetings where you will discuss these goals and set some priorities.


The key to every good relationship is communication, which has to go both ways. A survey that has been conducted recently has shown that employees feel like their employers are not really listening to them. A really small percentage of them is satisfied with the quality of communication at work and many of them would rather work in a company that values good communication, rather than a company that offers great perks.

So, create an environment that supports good communication. Perhaps implement some kind of online feedback platform. Employees would love to have a place where they can share information by posting comments.

Appreciation and Gratitude

Ever since we were in elementary school, we loved to be praised when we get the job done by receiving “gold stars”. The same goes with employees. Showing appreciation and gratitude helps them feel motivated and gives them further encouragement to continue doing good work.

If you value and recognize the hard work your employees do, you will increase their happiness at work. Prepare your thank you notes. Your employees will appreciate your gratitude, and the employee-employer bond will be stronger than ever.

Opportunities and Development

Since relationships work in both ways, both sides can bring something to the table. An employer can benefit from a productive workforce, engaged and satisfied with their part in the organization, because that kind of a workforce is good for your business. Employees can also have several advantages from this relationship, something that goes beyond their paychecks; something like individualized training.

Consider sending your employees to some development events or organize speakers and leaders from the industry to speak to your employees. Make sure to provide them with the opportunity to improve and grow, because in the end, if you invest in your employees, you are also investing in your company.

These are the best ways that will help you successfully bond with your employees and create a workplace that will be engaging and productive. Make sure to follow them all, since it will be beneficial for both you and your company. Start working on strengthening your employer-employee relationship, and with the information we have provided in this article, you won’t experience any difficulties in achieving just that.