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You have completed the changes to the Business  Plan you have purchased, and want Business Plan Now to send you an edited version based on your changed wording and/or financials. Business Plan Now will not only return a Word document to yourself, a financial document and PDF version of your edited plan will also be  included, at no additional cost. 

Help Me Change My Business Plan

You purchased a business plan from us and made all the changes to the document you wanted to. But there are some things you would like integrated in an original manner such as financial graphs or a company organogram. You have also added some extra wording and want to change certain sections, but need some help to make it all work together.

Business Plan Now can assist you in taking your changed version and updating it for you.

Our process involves purchasing a plan change package, emailing us proof of Paygate transaction as well as the changed document.

We will reply that we have received it and send the changed document back to you within 72 hours. We will include a Financial Sheet specific to your proposed company figures as well as a PDF version of your business plan.

Purchase of an edit entitles you to one change of the original therefore please ensure you have indicated all changes, financials to be changed will be done according to figures provided by yourself so please ensure you are happy with them before submitting the plan to us for a change.

This purchase entitles you to one version change.


  • Updated Cover Page.
  • Updated Table of Contents.
  • Competitor Section, done for you (not applicable).
  • Updated Financial Figures, Graphs and Tables.
  • Updated Organogram (not applicable)
  • Spelling and Grammar Check (SA English).
  • Company Financials Separate Free.
  • PDF Version of Business Plan Free (not applicable).
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